The Huts, Eastbourne Beach Hut Competition

  • Design Competition
  • 2016

Studio 2FLA were longlisted for their design entry for the Eastbourne Beach Hut competition. The design responds to the brief's call for an iconic, bespoke design to "build on the town's quality visitor offer and enhance its reputation as a town embracing culture and design, supplying the best in leisure, cultural and community facilities and providing a diverse and contemporary tourism offer." The interpretation and function of the beach hut was left open, and Studio 2FLA decided to design an Artist Studio/ Atelier.

Our design combines an iconic form which responds to the site conditions, whilst providing an artist studio - a unique place for local artists and art students to work, which would aim to generate interest from tourists and visitors who can interact with the artists at work.

This project demonstrates Studio 2FLA's ability to deliver a piece of design which is iconic, generates a sense of place and identity, whilst offering a use to the local population and an attraction for visitors.